As a kid, growing up in south-east London, I wanted to be a journalist because it would give me an excuse to ask awkward and probing questions of just about anyone. But fresh out of university, I shunned the traditional career path to Fleet Street, reporting on jumble sales and stolen hubcaps at a provincial tabloid. Instead, I took the riskier route of a freelance career writing about music and the exploding London club scene. I landed a column for my local newspaper, the South London Press, then started writing features for big national newspapers and prestigious international magazines. A few years later, I landed in Los Angeles, as the West Coast correspondent for Arena magazine, broadening my range by covering Hollywood, technology, crime and pop culture, as well as music—and amassing a plethora of bizarre and fascinating life experiences.


The transition to television came via an opportunity with a groundbreaking company owned by the New York Times.  Along with print and radio reporters from around the world, I was trained as a one-person, video-journalist; to produce, shoot, write and edit news packages and short films. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, hands-on, every step involved in telling stories with pictures—and helped me kick start my successful, award-winning career in television.


I moved into making long-form content, first in the edit bay, shaping shows and writing scripts, then producing and directing for Discovery Channel, TLC and many other cable and broadcast networks. My cross-disciplinary experience underlines my conviction that all successful projects require deep, honest and respectful collaboration, or they are doomed from the start. As a Co-EP and showrunner, I have built dedicated teams, managed difficult talent,  hit deadlines and run multimillion-dollar budgets, in addition to being instrumental creatively in what ends up on the screen. The LA Academy of Television Arts & Sciences honored my work on a series of films about Children's Hospital Los Angeles with an Emmy for Best Public Affairs series.  Recently, I co-produced a feature documentary for Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated director, Rory Kennedy, and co-developed and sold an unscripted series to Scripps Networks.


At various points in my career, I also consulted for many high profile new media companies as they transitioned into the world of video, making some of the first non-linear, online documentaries, building a production team from scratch for an emerging mobile company and doing the same at Sony Pictures for its push into interactive television. Regardless of the topic, project or platform which I am working on, I approach every challenge with the same attention to detail, thirst for knowledge and a passion for the unexpected.



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