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Judith Curran

Executive Producer NHNZ

Martin Pearson is probably one of the best show-runners I have ever worked with. We collaborated on a pilot for a new series for Animal Planet (Redwood Kings) and formulated one of the best working relationships ever on a full season of episodes and won an order for season. Smart, organised, creative, efficient, extremely hard-working - he ran the shoots for me and contributed to post while I was based in NZ so communication and trust were everything. Martin always delivers and is a thoroughly nice human being as well.


Michelle Van Kempen

Head of Policy, Non-Fiction Producers Association

Martin is a terrific show runner and great to work with - he ran two very different reality series for us at Film Garden and did an excellent job at both. One was a problematic series that he took over with great success, and the other was a docusoap with home makeover elements that required some tricky talent wrangling, management of construction work and story finessing. Martin is excellent with story, good at team building, and creatively manages budgets to deliver great production value with limited resources. He has a strong creative sense but still takes notes well, and is collaborative, upbeat and calm under pressure. He's an all-around pleasure and I recommend him without reservation.


Nicholas Wodtke

Executive Vice President, Sony Pictures

Martin worked with me at Sony Pictures where he led our production efforts in interactive television. I found Martin to be reliable and persistent. Martin is your go-to guy when you need the confidence that the project will get done. He has great integrity and is driven by a natural curiosity stemming from his days a journalist. Most notably, Martin is resourceful. He is able to pull projects together on limited budgets and able to find ways to get the most from his team members. I would strongly recommend Martin.  


Isaac Rodriguez


Balancing tight budgets, ambitious production schedules, talent and crew, to produce top quality network programming is an art that Martin Pearson excels at.

Martin is a great leader, treats everyone with respect and is a real pleasure to work for. 


Sue Russell

Award-Winning Independent Journalist, Author.

I heartily recommend Martin Pearson. He is sharp, organized, dedicated, and a super talented writer. He is very reliable and trustworthy, and I would be only too happy to collaborate with him again anyplace, anytime.


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