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My career began as a journalist, which taught me how to find compelling stories, persuade people to co-operate and to produce clear, accurate and fascinating content for broad and diverse audiences.  The freedom of freelancing allowed me to explore just about any topic that interested me. I started with music, and the opportunity to interview with some of the most talented artists of the time then expanded to include profiles of actors and directors, as well as reportage on everything from celebrity and science to crime and social issues.  I've continued to write occasional articles, even as my TV work has developed. The samples here include a few articles from my archives, as well as contemporary work. I recently published a Kindle Digital Short, about the time I interviewed musical megastar Prince, and I am working on a compilation of stories from my other experiences. 




I have directed, written and produced dozens of documentaries for many of the top networks in the world. 
The subjects are wildly diverse and each one is uniquely challenging. My work has included filming a ground-breaking face surger at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, exploring the barrio of Puerto Rico to find out how it was transformed into a Brazilian favela for  the movie, Fast and the Furious, and tracking down the first Mormon banker who funded casinos in Las Vegas.  I approach every project with the same curiosity, creativity, and attention to detail.  By talking to and working with all kinds of people from all walks of life, I have developed excellent interviewing skills and a sharp sense of character, as well as a knack for story, drama, and timing.  The samples here include excerpts from a variety of projects, showing the breadth of my work—from history to science to human interest and celebrity. Includes projects for National Geographic, Discovery, abc and international broadcasters.  
As a showrunner and executive producer, I have been responsible for creating shows, running production teams, and delivering the final product to the screen. I have taken projects from concept through development to successful pilots and multiple seasons, managing a wide variety of genres and characters. I specialize in build shows and car shows.  Included here are excerpts from recent shows for Animal Planet, DIY, E! and Discovery
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